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 NEW AGE RULES (Please Read)

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PostSubject: NEW AGE RULES (Please Read)   Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:35 am

1) No spamming - We want "quality" more than "quantity", so please no one word posts like "LOL" or "I agree", just annoying, give your opinions on the topic at hand.

2) No Racism - if you type up anything that is racist, you will be banned.

3) No Sexism - meaning NO sexist jokes. You will be banned.

4) No promotiing! - No promoting other wrestling forums on this board, if you do, you're post will either be edited or deleted.

5) One username per person - we don't want dozens of ID's and only them all belonging to one person, it gets annoying and chances are, those IDs will get deleted.

6) Make sure your ID isn't offensive for example "Rey_Mysterio_is_a_cock", that is not allowed, those who use those names will be deleted.

7) No porno - this forum does not allow porn, so if any posted, you will get a warning and possibly banned if you break that warning again.
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NEW AGE RULES (Please Read)
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