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 The artist formerly known as.....

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PostSubject: The artist formerly known as.....   Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:25 pm

.....I'll leave that for people to figure out, shouldnt be to hard. Laughing

Anyway pretty much all of you will know me from TUP where I'm a longterm member, TUP is my home forum and likely always will be but I dont see the harm in seeing what else is about.

Wrestling wise been a fan since 1992, first PPV I saw was the Royal Rumble that Ric Flair won and my first Wrestlemania that I watched live was Mania 8 which featured the WWE singles debut on PPV of one Shawn Michaels.

Currently watch both WWE and TNA, will likely always be a WWE fan first and foremost but in these PG-rated times I enjoy how TNA brings a more edgy, adult-themed product to the table.
My interest in wrestling has dropped since the glory days of the Attitude Era but I still enjoy it and love talking about it with fellow fans, especially when reminiscing about when it was a better product and WWE actually had serious competition.

Favourites in TNA would have to bee RVD who I mark for, AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe, Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson. In WWE it would be R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Kane, CM Punk, Miz and Undertaker. Also a big fan of the Harts as I was a mark for Bret and to a slightly lesser extent Owen back in the day.

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PostSubject: Re: The artist formerly known as.....   Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:33 pm

I too, am tempted to start watching TNA in these PG themed times. Surely be chatting to you soon. Smile
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The artist formerly known as.....
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