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 Hello there Peoples.

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PostSubject: Hello there Peoples.   Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:37 pm

Ok, now I am not sure if this is the same forum I used to be a proud member of. The owner was Double A? and there used to be up to date wrestling videos here every week and there was the role playing group called NAW that came here to discuss it. Now I am not sure if this is the same forum or not. Hopefully somebody could clear the air on this one? If it is, then some people may recognise the name "Dazzyboy123" or just "Dazzyboy" or "M V P".

If it is not the same forum and I am sorely mistaken then Hello to all of you, my name is M V P (Forum name obvs) However my real name is Daryl. I am 18 and a MASSIVE NERD! I love wrestling, love UFC and MMA in general. I train in MMA and my amateur record is 6-2. I LOVE games more than anything in the world and I play them Waaaaay too much when I get the time Smile I would say I am pro, but unfortunately the old world of pro gaming that was filled with "Skiled" gamers has been taken over by egotistical chavs with no skill at all, Ironic really. I am also a MASSIVE fan of heavy metal and deathcore music and take it seriously indeed. Smile

So urrm yeah, Hello. Smile
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Hello there Peoples.
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